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Staff Members

Michael Spain Fire Chief
Brendaliz Del Valle Deputy Administrator
Lisa Barker Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Administrator
Staff Members
Black Shift
Rick Tam Battalion Chief
Adam Lager Lieutenant
Vincent Smith Firefighter
Nevin Hahn Firefighter
Andrew McGowan Firefighter
James Murphy Firefighter
Trevor Goggin Firefighter
Red Shift
Donald Tessler Battalion Chief
Eugene Martin Lieutenant
James Boyk Firefighter
John Cardoni Firefighter
Robert Cooper Firefighter
Robert Poturalski Firefighter
Wade Fry Firefighter
Gold Shift
Chris Sandilands Battalion Chief
Angel Reyes Lieutenant
John Liberto Firefighter
Sean Herling Firefighter
Alison Nicholas Firefighter
Adam Sochacki Firefighter
Richard Waychoff Firefighter
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